Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 More Hedy Items to Get - Thanks Tom

Just when I thought I was getting some place in hunt for the classic Hedy Glassware and amassing my collection, I received a note from a devoted Green Bay Packers, Tom from Wisconsin.  We traded notes and eventually he sent me some pictures of his incredible collection.  Besides the fact that he has such an incredible collection I realized that my collection is missing quite a few items that I didn't even know existed in the entire Hedy Glassware Collection.

Hedy Cigarette Holders
Hedy Accessory #1 - Hedy Cigarette Holder
I've mentioned the cigarette holder before in a previous post but it's one that I'm looking around for.

Hedy Accessory #2 - Hedy Metal Football Swizzle Stick
I've known about this rare little beast, the Hedy Metal Football Swizzle Stick, but haven't seen anything like it in person.  Eventually, my hope is to walk around an antique shop and happen across one of these beauties.  Hey a guy can hope.
Hedy Metal Football Swizzle Stick

Hedy Accessory #3 - Hedy Metal Coffee Urn Holder/Warmer
Metal Coffee Urn Holder/Warmer
I love this Holder/Warmer, it has wood football shaped feet with a reservoir for a tea lite candle and made of a metal frame.  Definitely something new on my radar.  

Hedy Accessory #4 - Hedy Metal Ice Bucket Lid

Hedy Metal Ice Bucket Lid
When Tom sent me the pictures, I was totally shocked by a metal lid with a wood football shaped knob.  It would make sense that an ice bucket would have a lid, but every ice bucket I've ever seen, never had a lid.  Amazing and frustrating that now I have to be on the lookout for such a particular item.    

Hedy Accessory #5 - Hedy Metal Ice Bucket/Glasses Caddy

Hedy Metal Ice Bucket/Glasses Caddy
I knew a caddy would be a great idea for an ice bucket and glasses, in fact I've seen Hedy collections with a caddy, but this one takes the cake.  The theme of wood football handles and metal frame holder makes total sense to make this great collection 100% complete.  Now I really have my work cut out to make an entire collection for my 49ers Hedy Glassware collection.  Thanks Tom for helping me realize this.

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