Friday, September 6, 2013

The Niner Den Superbowl Interview with 49ers Archivist Jerry Walker visiting

In celebration of the Kick-Off of the 2013 season, I'm going to upload this video.

This is a copy of the interview I did with ABC7 Los Angeles, the week before the Superbowl.  The 49ers Team Historian/Archivist Jerry Walker was visiting that day.  Mr. Walker was looking over my collection to see what they (The 49ers) want to take to add to their new Levi's Stadium's museum.

So far, Jerry wants anything from the 40's - early 70's., and a lot of the pennants.  People ask me if they're paying for it, NO!, I'm donating to my team and will be now a part of my team.  Very exciting to now be able to travel up to San Francisco and see my items in their museum.  VERY COOL.
Now, bring on the 2013 Season.  GO NINERS !

Monday, January 14, 2013

Great 49ers Comic

My Son-in-law, Tom Chambers, did this comic for me.  Great Job Tom.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"...I'm Back ! ! !"

'...Here's Johnny ! ! !'

In deed ... I'm back in the good ol' USA.  I totally missed pizza and hamburgers, and started making up for a lost month of American food, starting as soon as I landed back at LAX. 

In the next couple of weeks I'll be getting back to highlighting some of my 49ers collection.  As I was away I was able to get up at 1 or 2 in the morning on Monday (though it was Sunday afternoon in the States) and watch my Niners.  Sometimes it lead to a great day and then other games it wasn't so cheery of a day.

Regardless, I still believe in the Niners and will show my support until my last breath.  GO NINERS ! ! !

Monday, September 3, 2012

Out Of The Country For A While

Just a quick note.  These posts will by the last for a while since I'll be out of the country until October.

Enjoy the posts and leave comments and remember ...


Posters, Posters and even more POSTERS !

I have a small display of 49ers posters in my home office, situated right next to the 49ers Den/Bar.  I wish I could display all the posters, but I don't have the space to do that.  I would need at least a dozen of those dual sided poster holders which holds 24 or so posters from the video store, even then I don't think that would be enough.  Most of the posters are in storage with tubes and rolls holding them for the ages.  Of the posters I could get to, I decided show what poster manufactures and other companies have done, using my beloved 49ers.

The Oldies but Goodies

Older 49ers posters seemed to use art more than pictures.
Classic 49ers Art Poster

Ah, simple artists rendering of all the folklore of the 49ers

The manufactures of these posters
   made playing cards of these posters as well.
Then they used actual pictures

My Hero's John Brodie, and Gene Washington...

 They used super thin poster paper so then the manufactures decided to laminate.
John Brodie doing his thing
 The problem is GLARE . . . but it was durable.
Then as time went on mass production of posters had more 
manufactures trying their hand at immortalizing these gods of the gridiron.
Gene Washington hey what's with the cast?
 They would put their names on...I guess so you wouldn't be confused.  Then for added fun they'd add an autograph.  The problem is, most all of the autographs didn't match the actual players signature.  Probably some worker was pulled aside to sign the printing plate.
Then advertising companies saw that people really wanted these posters, so if you could print something on the poster kids would be more willing to hang it on their wall, even if it were a public service announcement about, say . . . Drugs
49ers John Brodie DEA poster

49ers Jimmy Johnson DEA Poster
49ers Ted Kwalick DEA Poster
49ers Gene Washington DEA Poster
49ers Dave Wilcox DEA Poster
Now, manufactures could use even a lineman to help get a message across.
The Gold Rush
Then as the 49ers went on to Super Bowl victory 
49ers SB XVI Poster

49ers SB XIX Poster

49ers SB XXIII Poster
49ers SB XXIV Poster

49ers SB XXIX Poster
after Super Bowl Victory,
...advertising companies knew that 49er fans would be able to relate to their favorite athlete and would place many beloved 49ers into their folds and place them in various ads for poster prints or even on TV.

Randy Cross for McDonalds
Tom Rathman for the Dairy Council

Jerry Rice for ESPN-Monday Night Football

Steve Young for TV Guide
Ronnie Lot for PG&E

And there where some Niners who were going for the female audience...
Dwight Clark for Adidas
Roger Craig for Macy's
 But the advertisers loved JOE - 

Montana that is.
Diet Pepsi

L.A. Gear
California Dental Assoc.


   And much more !


Notables and Namables

Nick names and catchy slogans have been added to certain players to lend more of a swagger to their posters.
Rice/Young-The Bay Bombers-2 Versions
Young - Golden Arm
Montana - The Golden Great

Lott - Designated Hitter
Sanders - The Golden Child
 Jerry got a few more than most.

Mr T (Touchdown)

Speed Of Light
Rice Be Nimble, Rice Be Quick

NIKE even decided to take the Rice a-Roni marketing to the next level with two of the most notable Niners. By making a BOX poster, it actually folds out to a box...great marketing tool.

Jerry has even been portrayed as a Super Hero

 And then some posters of the 49ers don't even need fancy slogans or creative packaging...

      remembered ! ! !

whether the poster is Autographed or not...

All in all, I have many, many more and could come up with many more story lines, but I think you get the picture...49ers posters are ultimately supposed to make you eventually say one thing...


Rah..Rah..Rah.. Who Needs A Rally Monkey Anyway? GO NINERS ! ! !

1970's & 80's 49ers Hand Puppet cheering fans
Several years back, one of my sisters who lives in Oregon saw something I haven't collected yet and sent it to me.  A 49er fan hand puppet.  I had no idea that something like this existed.  So as I searched around I found that there were various dolls or puppets that cheered. So, I've decided to share a few that I've collected.
1970's Cheering 49er hand puppet
First I have a circa 1970's Red uniform hand puppet.  When I say hand puppet, I mean you slip your hand inside the jersey and two of your fingers slip into a mechanical holster and then you're able to control his hands/arms to reach out and punch, or wave this 49ers pennant.  Some descriptions call these puppets punching puppets, I just reference them as hand puppets, since your hands control them.  Both sides of his helmet has scrapped SF logos, but still obvious he's a 49ers fan.

1980's 49ers Fan Hand Puppet
This 1980's hand puppet has some 49ers font used during the 1984 Superbowl era, so that's why I've dated him in the 80s.  None of these puppets or dolls have any real distinct markings to date them.  This guy has WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP!.  Blue eye mascara?  Come on.   But you've got to love his turtleneck, awesome dude.

1960's 49er Miner Cheering in the stands
This cherub faced 1960's old miner doll has seen better days, but truly a remarkable find.  He's carrying a small 1960's logo styled pennant (I actually have it's bigger brother hanging on my rafters here in the 49ers den).  He has a hard plastic face with awesome color, for it's age.  Unfortunately, his feet, which look like rolled paper, are probably missing his boots or whatever miners wore in that day.  But still he's part of the mini cheering section in the den.
The 49ers den cheering section

 GO NINERS ! ! ! 

America's Sweetheart 49ers Cheerleader Doll
 I'm not one to have dolls, for most guys a GI Joe was the closest thing we got to a doll, and even then it was known as an "action figure".  I have hundreds of 49er Starting Lineup and McFarlane action figures, but not dolls.

For my collection I made an exception.  I recently saw this America's Sweethearts 49er Cheerleader Doll for sale and thought about the young girls and women that are fans of the 49ers too and thought, "...Ok, you should get it...not everything is guys and hard hitting in football".  So true.  There are beauties on the sideline with cheers ringing out and dances being danced.  So I pay homage to them with this "Doll". 

49ers Cheerleader Doll out of box
As far as dating this doll, I'm figuring 1990's to recent,  due to first, the condition of the doll and box, practically new.  But also the logo had the darker red in the logo which was part of the logo change back in 90's until to 2000's.  This doll comes with a certificate, Pom Poms and keeps her hair very neat with a hair net, odd to see a doll with a hair net, but hey what ever works right?

If anyone reading this has more information, I invite you to send me a text about it and would appreciate it.

So, these are some of the puppets and dolls in my collection.