Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wow...My 'Signing Day' with the 49ers !

Signing my San Francisco 49ers Contract
It's not everyday that you get a packet in the mail and it's from the San Francisco 49ers, from Niners great, ol' #58, Keena Turner, who's now the VP of Football Affairs.  The packet was a contract/loan agreement for the items I'm sending up to San Francisco for the new Levi's Stadium Museum (See previous post of items going).
I wish it were the 'lucrative contract' that some of the players get...oh well at least when I go to the stadium and see my stuff hanging up in the museum instead of my house; I will have a massive sense of pride and connection with the team.

I was told yesterday that my name is up on the Levi's Stadium, museum website contributors page.  Sure enough, and to see my name with some names of former players, families of players and some of the folks that are fanatical like me, pretty cool!   I'm definitely going to be at the museum opening with the rest of the VIP's.  Can't wait.


My name (Michael May) among the 49ers Levi's Stadium museum contributors

Thursday, May 29, 2014

San Francisco Here We Come

The new 49ers Levi Stadium is going to have a museum, and I've you're familiar with my blog you've  probably have seen the TV interview I did with ABC7 here in Los Angeles, during the visit with Jerry Walker the 49ers Team Archivist.  I don't have any of the Game Worn players jerseys and equipment from the past and that is what the main displays in the museum as they open this June.
But, they decided that they would like over a dozen of the oldest pennants, an old 1950's Yell-a-phone and a picture of the 1971 team photo (tray).  They want to make a copy of the photo since they don't have a copy of the 1971 team (odd, but hey glad to help). 

I'm so honored to be apart of my team and have part of my collection hanging in their museum.                                            

I can't wait to go to the new stadium          
and catch a few games this year.

      GO NINERS ! ! !

Hedy Glass Update - Shocking News - - - (At Least For Me)

4 Different sized Hedy 49er Glasses
(not including the tumbler)

For all the time I've been collecting Hedy glassware of the 49ers, I was always told that there were only 3 types of glasses, plus then the tumbler style.  So figuring I had all 3 types I thought nothing about the sizes when I would see these glasses on either Ebay or other sites for sale, I figured I have them all.  Boy was I WRONG!!!

Last week I saw that someone was selling 4 of the 3.5" tall glasses.  My first thought was, "Oh, I have that".  Then, something in the back of my mind said, "...you should check the sizes of the glasses you DO have".  So I did.  I was shocked, I didn't have 3.5" I had the 3.75" and the 2.75".  I thought maybe I'm mis-measuring the glasses.  On a spur of the moment, I bought the glasses figuring if I overbought a glass that I already had, I'd sell them.

The glasses showed up today and 'Wella!', sure enough I didn't have this one.  So for those who said there are only 3 glass styles and one 1 tumbler style, you're wrong!  Here's a picture to prove it.

Officially, I now know there are 4 and here are their sizes;

Glass 1)   4" x 3.75"
Glass 2)   3.5" x 3.5"
Glass 3)   3" x 2.75"
Glass 4)   2 3/8th" x 1 15/16th"

I've seen these called Whiskey to Shot glasses, I don't get caught up in names, just sizes from now on.

I'm sooooo excited to get the new set of glasses to add to the collection.  I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.  

I'm adding this information to my older Hedy post as well, so forgive the duplicate info.

Anyone know of any other Hedy glasses, plates, etc.  Please let me know.  I'm trying to make an entire collection of the 49ers, and I'm sure other collectors of other teams would like to know all the different glasses, plates, carafes, pitchers, etc... that are apart of the entire collection.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Niner Den Superbowl Interview with 49ers Archivist Jerry Walker visiting

In celebration of the Kick-Off of the 2013 season, I'm going to upload this video.

This is a copy of the interview I did with ABC7 Los Angeles, the week before the Superbowl.  The 49ers Team Historian/Archivist Jerry Walker was visiting that day.  Mr. Walker was looking over my collection to see what they (The 49ers) want to take to add to their new Levi's Stadium's museum.

So far, Jerry wants anything from the 40's - early 70's., and a lot of the pennants.  People ask me if they're paying for it, NO!, I'm donating to my team and will be now a part of my team.  Very exciting to now be able to travel up to San Francisco and see my items in their museum.  VERY COOL.
Now, bring on the 2013 Season.  GO NINERS !

Monday, January 14, 2013

Great 49ers Comic

My Son-in-law, Tom Chambers, did this comic for me.  Great Job Tom.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"...I'm Back ! ! !"

'...Here's Johnny ! ! !'

In deed ... I'm back in the good ol' USA.  I totally missed pizza and hamburgers, and started making up for a lost month of American food, starting as soon as I landed back at LAX. 

In the next couple of weeks I'll be getting back to highlighting some of my 49ers collection.  As I was away I was able to get up at 1 or 2 in the morning on Monday (though it was Sunday afternoon in the States) and watch my Niners.  Sometimes it lead to a great day and then other games it wasn't so cheery of a day.

Regardless, I still believe in the Niners and will show my support until my last breath.  GO NINERS ! ! !