Friday, June 29, 2012

Vintage 49ers Hedy Glassware Collection - From the 1960's

Hedy glassware has been one of the hardest and most expensive items to get into my collection.  Several years ago I found out that they had even made something like it, and started collecting, trying to get an entire set.  Recently, I found out that the 49ers Hedy glassware collection had pieces I wasn't even looking for, so I decided to make a master list for the collection so I'd see what else I needed to get to complete the set.

Here's the set inventory needed for a complete Hedy collection;

The Carafe
The Flask
Large Shot Glass 4"
Small Shot Glass 3"
Drinking Glass
Ice Bucket
Candy tray - Single
Candy tray - Double

Of this list, I don't have any of the, if you know where I could get the trays, please let me know, I'd love to make a complete set.  Also, I'd like more of the drinking glasses and one more large shot glass. Also, if I find that the Ice Bucket comes in other color options of red and gold, I'll sell this one and swap it out.
Pictured are my collection of Hedy Glassware, Flask, with cork lid, Carafe, Drinking Glass, Ice Bucket, Large Shot, and 4 Small Shots.  Help me find the 3 missing trays to make this a "complete set".

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Corey Cirillo said...

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