Thursday, July 30, 2015

EXTREMELY RARE: Early 1960's 49'ers rotating Falstaff Beer Advertising Sign

Back in an earlier 49ers blog post dated, July 4, 2012, I talked about several 49er lamps I had.  One of which was a rotating sign which I was sure was some type of advertising sign but wasn’t sure which product it was used for.  I figured it was from the 1950’s or 60’s.  But after further 49er helmet history research, the 49er players wore a silver helmet in 1960-62 seasons. The helmet in the ad graphic has a relatively modern early 60’s style ear protection section as opposed to the bigger 1950’s style ear protection section.  

So, I decided to place some miniature 49er pennants on the rotating staff and figured that was cool…

Over the years I continued looking for various rotating NFL teams advertising signs and had a suspicion it was a cool beer sign or something to do with cigarettes.  I never found any NFL team advertising signs that were similar. Finally, my diligence finally paid off when I came across a generic rotating Falstaff Beer sign.  The front lamp area was blank white with the light on, so I figured it had been stripped of any team logo or slogan graphics, because it had glue evidence of something that had been attached on the front display.  I bought the generic one with hopes I could piece a complete, nice looking 49’ers Logo, Falstaff Beer sign together. 

I then bought the generic sign for about $50 bucks.  I put the generic sign in storage and nearly 2 years later I took out the two signs and placed all the best pieces together and FINALLY got a completed, truly authentic and pristine early 1960’s 49’ers Falstaff Beer advertising rotating sign.
Slogan/Mascot (Back) side
Logo (Front) side

The heavy main triangular base measures 8"x 10"  with graphics saying "Go, Go, Go, 49'ers!" and a 49ers player in a silver helmet.  It has a thumb-wheel switch that turns on the light in the base and a center metal post which slowly spins around. 

The main top display was a large rotating plastic Falstaff Beer coin measuring 12” in diameter and is 1” thick, with a thin floating translucent plastic frame around the large plastic coin. The front side of the gold coin has the main Falstaff Beer Logo in black and yellow. The flip-side of the gold coin has the mascot Falstaff man, with “old Pro” below his profile, and the slogan above him that reads “That’s my Beer”.  

The graphic in front features a 49er player wearing the silver colored 1960’s style helmet, and it looks very close to one of the 49er greats, Hugh McElhenny.  It would make sense that it would be him because he was a very popular 49er player in the early 1960’s.

Ultimately, I’m so stoked I found the generic sign and got the chance to make this AWESOME piece of vintage and classic advertising and 49er memorabilia.  

 I Love it!

Rotating Sign - Notice the coin look
Notice the 1" thickness

The sign will now proudly be displayed in my home office for all to take in it’s classic timeless beauty.  Plus, I wanted to share it here as well. 

Go, Go, Go, 49’ers!

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