Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vintage 1983 Tudor Games, QB’s Of The NFL Figure – 49ers Joe Montana

 Back in 1983 Tudor Games released a little figurine for each football team in the NFL.  These figurines were of the various quarterbacks in the league, for that time of the early 80's.  Seeing that in 1981, just 2 years earlier, the 49ers won their 1st NFL Championship, the 3.5” 49er figure of Joe Montana was and still is a hot commodity.  
Vintage 1983 Tudor Games 49ers Joe Montana Figure
 I recently acquired this figure for a fair price.  The figure is new and still in it’s original packaging, a major plus.  Most of these figures are loose because kids would take them out and play with them.  So, they’re scarce to still be in the original package like this one.  Also, I just noticed, while shooting the picture for this blog, that the package isn’t 100% flawless.  I noticed that there’s sizable notch on the side of the package, but I’m still glad I’ve got it.  A rare and hard to find figure regardless.

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